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Erection is clearly defined as a gush of blood to the male`s reproductive organ – penis – the outer sex organ. As a result, it drives to the sexual stimulation; only after orgasm it becomes the same as it was before erection.

Having an active sex and seeing that a partner is fully satisfied boost the confidence of man as well as brings about a good effect on his psychological state.

Unfortunately, Erectile Dysfunction is widespread disease.  Such problems arise from modern way of life, most notably: stresses, bad habits. All these exhaust the men`s bodies. This, in its turn, causes weak erection and finally a man may start suffering from sexual impotence. As a consequence, the man loses his last chance to relieve stress and relax during a good sex. This can lead even to worse condition, and in particular, to depression, lack of ability to work, and, as a result, to career collapse.

If a man faces some issues with erection, health care providers normally recommend taking special drugs. However, the inaccurate prescribed drugs can even deepen the health problems because of inefficiency it cannot provide good erection. It may cause sexual dysfunction and after - impotence. Consequently, drugs which help to cure sexual disorders must be effective and with trivial side effects.

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